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Featured Testimonial

It was a pleasure working with Jen who had all the answers for my questions as a first time home buyer, easy communication even on her days off she would pick up the phone to asnwer my questions. We closed escrow in less time than expected, and it went really smooth. I would highly recommend Jen and her support team who made our buying transaction all so easy and worry free, Thank you so much Jen.

Featured Testimonial

My husband and I were wanting to start the process of being home owners. Neither my husband nor I had bought a house before so it was a scary and overwhelming rush of emotions. Our old neighbors/friends Jesse and Jessica Robinson gave our contact information to a good friend /Realtor Jen LeVea. She contact us and set up  appointment to met up us with to find what our needs are for a new house.  Jen then set us up with her team of financial people to get us preapproved. We had a little work to do on our end to get a couple bills paid off and our credit score in line.  But once getting preapproved it felt great knowing what our price range was and what our options were.

My husband and I didn't have too many requests on what we needed for our new home.  Just to fit our family and the  dogs.  We only requests for the new house a garage for my husband and a space big enough to put a boat in.  What we liked most was Jen was enthusiastic and positive that we could find the home of our dreams, she was determined to meet our requirements. It took a couple of months with us and Jen searching and purging the homes that didn't match our needs and driving us around to view potential homes.  We found a couple houses we really liked and put offers on them just to get out bide nine times on potential homes. That was a little frustrating.  But Jen said the right one is out there for you guys we will find it.  Just keep positive and keep looking for potential homes and it will eventually happen.

We final put an offer in on a house and it was accepted with in a couple of days.  We got very excited and relieved that we might be home owners soon. We can't thank Jen enough for her understanding and taking our cares and concerns as serious as we did and turning it around and making it a blessing. I will recommended Jen to our family and friends I have the up most respect for Jen and all that she did for us. If for some reason we might grow out of this house we will call on Jen because I trust her knowledge and her honesty.

Joanne & William White


Featured Testimonial

We feel very lucky to have found Jen. Even though she is not based in the area we were looking, we never felt any effects from that. She was always timely in her responses to us and was always able to show property when we needed her. And even though we weren’t sure that we could even consider buying a house, she guided us through the process in a way that was comfortable, and clear about expectations.  It is a valuable thing to have a realtor that you can trust to have your back in this sometimes scary and daunting process. We were constantly amazed at her diligence and follow through when issues would arise.  Throughout the entire process she made sure that we kept our goals in mind and this paid off when we eventually found the right house for us.  Jen truly cares about her clients and this comes out in all aspects of her business dealings. Thank you Jen, for showing us that our homeowner dreams can come true.

Denise and Tony

Featured Testimonial

As someone who had no home buying experience, Jen helped me understand the process more than anything, which I am forever grateful. I had just about a month to make a decision with a very small budget and Jen was able to make it happen, not only in time, but also meeting my main concern which was location. With it being priced a little more than I wanted, she was able to negotiate to an acceptable price AND have some things taken care of before it was finalized. Jen's work ethic is brutal with so much kindness! Because I felt I was a lower income/not profitable client, I was skeptical about finding a good realtor. To my surprise, when my good friends referred me to Jen, I was more than appreciative with how well I was treated no matter how much money I had. She has continued to follow up with me even almost 2 months after my purchase, just to make sure all was well. I trust Jen Levea with all of my home buying and will continue to use her services until she retires. Thank you again Jen! You are the Best!!!

Derek Nannini

Featured Testimonial

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We were first time homebuyers and wanted to do FHA with no money down. After several people telling me (including a lender) it’d be impossible, I contacted Jen, whom I was referred to by a friend. She reassured me that we could and I was convinced from the first telephone conversation that she was the realtor for us. In less the 2 months from that first telephone conversation with Jen we closed escrow on our first home with zero down. Of course there was bumps along the way but she smoothed everything out very fast. If you want someone who will fight for you and what you want, go to Jen, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex & Melissa

Featured Testimonial

As first time home buyers, we could not have asked for a better real estate agent than Jen. During our first meeting with her, she took note of what we were looking for in a home and never showed us properties that did not fit our requirements. Since we were not familiar with the greater Sacramento region, Jen suggested neighborhoods that she thought we might be interested in and she was spot on. We looked at countless homes during the process which was exhausting but she always provided a fun time and good conversation during our many appointments with her. She was always responsive to any question we had and made time for us to go out and view properties. Throughout the process we put in a couple offers that did not end up working out but Jen kept our spirits up by reminding us that she would find the perfect home for us. And she did!

While we had never been in escrow before, we can confidently say that ours must have been one of the most stressful one’s ever experienced in the real estate world. But Jen handled everything throughout the entire process and helped ease the multiple hurdles we faced during escrow. Now that we are finally living in our perfect home, we can’t thank Jen enough for her service. Although we never want to go through the process again, if we ever decide to purchase (or sell) another home there is no question that Jen will be the real estate professional we call! We highly recommend Jen for her knowledge, responsiveness, professionalism, and great personality!

Scott & Ingrid

Featured Testimonial

Jen LeVea is the best realtor I have ever worked with. She gave me expert guidance on every step of the selling process, from initial first thoughts to closing. She helped me coordinate with contractors and workers that got my house ready for the market. Thanks to her advice on preparing the home for sale, we had an offer within days of putting the house on market, at full asking price. If I ever need to sell or buy a home, I am going with Jen.

Justin Hammon

Featured Testimonial

Ms Jen LeVea is a people’s person. She has an engaging personality that makes you feel at ease and ask questions. I like especially that she works with you and look out for your best interest.  That is a plus especially if you’re coming from out of town.

She goes above and beyond of what she does as a realtor. Truly a reflection of her love for her work. And in the process you gain a special friend.

Jen you are an amazing person! I told you you are a godsend. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate the person that you are and for all that you help me with. 


Featured Testimonial

We entered into the process being super indecisive and questioning if this was the right time for us. Our first interaction with Jen left us feeling that was that this wasn't her first rodeo, but she treated us like the unique couple that we are. She was patient and let us drive the bus and just sat back and waited, when we were unsuccessful she encouraged us to trust in her and in the process. First day out she had a plan of attack and it was very well executed, we found the house. From that point it was a complete whirlwind, everything was so well orchestrated and it played out with such refined precision. Until this transaction I never fully understood the need to have a seasoned professional, Jen's experience allows her to anticipate any problems and do her best to avoid them. Most importantly, we valued her transparent and honest approach, personally those are qualities that you don't always find in a commissioned based industry. Purchasing a home can be such a stressful process, but with Jen in your corner advocating for you, rest assured she is handling it.  We have found a realtor for life.

Thank you Jen!!

Scott & Nicole

Featured Testimonial

Thank you for your assistance and guidance through this process! 

"My husband and I found ourselves in a very fortunate situation where the house we were renting was going to be sold by the owners.  Jen became the liasion for both sides of the transaction and helped us to feel as comfortable as could be possible (our first home purchase!).  She stayed on top of everything throughout the entire process and and kept us informed along every step of the way.   Even though she had the task of representing both sides of the transaction, we always felt protected and that she had our interests at heart.  I cannot stress enough how great Jen is at her job.  Knowledgeable, honest, responsible, and always on task.  You cannot go wrong with her on your side. Our dream of home ownership became a reality thanks to her."

Anthony & Frances Martinez - Sacramento, CA 

Featured Testimonial

We are so thankful we found Jen!  She absolutely exceeded our expectations.  Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but she has a true passion for helping people.  We were nervous when it came time to start looking for our new home. Jen made sure that she fully understood our needs, and worked tirelessly to make sure those needs were met, all while ensuring that the process was as smooth and painless as possible.  We ran into a few speed bumps along the way, but they were no match for Jen! She handled everything with ease, and really took care of us.  Jen was a joy to work with, and we're looking forward to working with her again soon to sell our old house.  We can't imagine working with anyone else!  
 - Justin & Melissa

Featured Testimonial

Jen is amazing. We clicked as soon as we met. She was very patient and knowledgeable. Jen gave me great advice since I was a first time home buyer. She was also an awesome advocate. She got things done, will speak up for you and is willing to fight for what is right for you. I’m so happy to have met her. 


Featured Testimonial

My husband and I were just starting to get a feel for wanting to be home owners, but wanted to wait and take our time finding the right house; then we got an unexpected 60 day notice from our landlord due to wanting to sell the house we rented.

Neither my husband nor I had bought a house before so it was a scary and overwhelming rush of emotions -worried we wouldn't find one in enough time and have to move to another house in between time. We called up our good friend/Realtor Jen LeVea. Jen set us up with a team to get our finances in order and get preapproved. When getting preapproved it felt great knowing what our price range was and what our options were.

My husband and I didn't have too many requests on what we needed for our home to fit our family but we had a few. Roseville for the school district, 4 bedroom house to accommodate our 4 kids and us. Most important had to have car port to fit our trailer. What I liked most was Jen was enthusiastic and positive that we could find the home of our dreams, she was determined to meet our requirements. After two weeks of her searching and purging the homes that didn't match our needs and driving us around to view potential homes, we found the one that fit our needs to the T.

We put an offer in that night and it was accepted right away, a very exciting and relieving feeling. Then after doing the home inspection it came out that the house was in need of a roof ASAP, before the next rain. The seller wasn't interested in replacing the roof and we would have backed out but Jen knew how much that house meant to us so Jen worked her magic and was able to get the seller to renegotiate the roof!  After that was situated the process seemed to have fly by.

We can't thank Jen enough for her understanding and taking our predicament as serious as we did and turning it around and making it a blessing. I have already recommended Jen and will continue to do so. I have the up most respect for Jen and all that she did for us in such a short time. I know that one day we could grow out of this house too, and when that day comes I will be calling Jen because I trust her knowledge and her honesty.

Jessica & Jesse Robinson.

Featured Testimonial

We just purchased our “forever” home in Carmichael with the help of Jen LeVea! We are repeat customers with Jen helping our daughter buy her first home this year as well. We knew after our daughter’s transactions that we would be calling Jen when we were ready to buy our next home. We cannot say enough about Jen as a realtor but also as a person of extraordinary character.

We started our search not quite knowing what we wanted. After working for a few weeks with Jen, with her guidance, we were able to narrow down our search and it took no time at all to find our new home.

Jen is always available for questions and concerns and her work ethic cannot be compared. With her negotiating skills, we were able to buy and close in 3 weeks!

We would recommend Jen LeVea as your go-to realtor and negotiator hands down. She will work for you and with you throughout the entire process.

Pat and Dwight Dorsey (Happy clients)

Featured Testimonial

I worked with Jen buying my house.  When we began she asked what I was looking for, my must haves, must not haves and things I could live with or without.  We also discussed my time frame of being in a home.  She made the process quick, enjoyable and completely painless.  I got the house I wanted, where I wanted and in the price range I wanted.  Everything happened just as we discussed at the start of the process and I would recommend Jen to anyone in the market to buy a home.  –Aaron Carberry

Featured Testimonial

Two things that I fear most in life are, Going to the dentist and purchasing a vehicle. 

So With that in mind, purchasing our second home was something that was extremely scary, not knowing if we could really do it. Plus dealing with an agent in the car business I figured would be about the same process, less than enjoyable.

With that in mind, I was introduced to Jen LeVea by my mortgage broker. We live 4 hours away and with no contacts up in the Sacramento area. 

I have to tell you, Jen is someone that I would purchase another home from without a second thought. She in very good at what she does. She called me on the phone and I told here our situation. We needed to purchase a rental unit for my son as he attended college, the area had to be safe, close to campus, quick in getting the deal done and something that would fit into our budget. Honestly I didn’t think she could pull it off. 

From the first day we spoke on the phone, I knew this lady was going to be a very good choice, she listened to our needs and immediately began to come up with a game plan.  In less than a day, I had received a call back, she was ready to have us come up and look at properties.

As we began to look at properties, we got to know each other better. I could tell right off the bat that she was trustworthy, honest and cared about our needs, not just to close a sale. I even looked on the web and found some houses that I thought looked good. She wouldn’t even consider showing me those properties, because of the locations.  They looked good, but she knows the area and how much we value the safety of my son and our future renters.  I have to tell you I was impressed. 

We came up with a home on the top edge of our budget which, I admit was scary, But Jen being Jen, said not to worry. She helped with the negotiation and price, which we offered much lower, she even had what I call tricks of the trade to help things run smoothly. The transaction was done in record time and keys were in our hands. Even the mortgage lender, which she worked extremely close with was impressed how smoothly the whole thing went.

So, if you’re looking for an agent that you can trust, someone that knows her craft inside and out, someone that follows through even after the sale. Then I would highly consider Jen LeVea to be your agent. You will not be disappointed.

Jeff & Dawn Dodd.

Featured Testimonial

Andrew and I just wanted to thank you for helping us find our first home, we couldn't be happier. Your knowledge of the area and the market, were a big help in making this decision and we felt like our needs were truly being met. We feel that your integrity, professionalism, and negotiating skills help make our dream come true which we are greatly appreciative . You were just the type of realtor we were looking for! 

We thank you again for all the late nights, weekends, and all around hard work you gave through the process. We hope to work with you again on that next dream home or maybe rental, in the future and would definitely recommend you to any fellow home buyers we come across. 


Andrew, Katie and Lucas 

Featured Testimonial

Jen LeVea is fricken awesome. For a few weeks, this was the only phrase that would go through my mind. It’s clear to see why. Jen LeVea was more than a Realtor to us during this process, she was a friend. When we asked her for help on finding the right house for us, she delivered.

There were nine p.m. phone conferences, there was checking out houses in the pouring rain, and tireless research; all in the hunt for the house alone. We had no idea what we were doing, we were first time buyers. Jen didn’t mind though. She helped us step by step and took the time to make sure we knew what we were signing every time. She had our best interest at heart and wanted to genuinely help us find the perfect home for our family.

Jen walked us through the closing process and how to actually settle on the house. There are so many little steps that can trip you up during this stage of homeownership but Jen’s passion for her work and dedication to honesty helped it go through seamlessly. We are thankful to Jen for having such a wonderful heart and a natural skill for communication. Because of her, we have not only fallen in love with our first house, but we have also found our perfect home. Thank you Jen LeVea

Sincerely, The Helfand Family

Featured Testimonial

We were shopping for our first home in a bit of a hurry not to go too far past the end of our apartment lease in order reduce cost on the expensive month-to-month payment. It was our first home; we were fairly new to the neighborhood; we were in a hurry; the holidays were coming up; we were very anxious with many many questions and there was Jen LeVea -We had met months back during our casual look-around-the-neighborhood open house visit. We weren't serious about buying a home back then but she had kept in touch via email so when we were serious about buying we gave her a call, we're so glad that we did.

Through October and November, she made herself available on our schedule to go out to look at the houses we were interested in. It was our first time; we had no idea what to look for and what to avoid. We had a lot of changes in our search criteria but Jen was very patient with us giving her professional recommendations and guiding us through the process and made sure we were having fun during the house hunting adventure!

We finally found the one in December and in January we were in our new home. The loan and escrow process went on over the busy holidays and the new year but she made sure nothing fell through the cracks by keeping up with all parties involved in the process.

With Jen we felt very confident that things will turn out great and it did! We recommend Jen for anyone who's looking to buy a house. 

Thank you, Jen!

Brian & Yoonah Kim - Rocklin, CA

Featured Testimonial

I am a person that is usually not at a loss for words, but I find myself struggling where to start when describing Jen LeVea. This was my first home buying experience and I was pretty overwhelmed. I am a single woman going through the process on my own and Jen was referred to me by a co-worker.
They say that buying a home is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. While there were stressful times, knowing she was there by my side and I was in good hands alleviated a lot of that. Jen was always very informative and made sure I was looped in on everything going on as well as educating me along the way.
My search wasn't easy as I had some very specific things I was looking for. Jen never once showed signs of giving up or sacrificing what I truly wanted. The house I am in now was the greatest decision of the process with choosing Jen LeVea as my realtor a very close second. She is a woman of honesty, integrity and an unparalleled knowledge of the industry...truly in a league of her own.
I would recommend Jen for any buying or selling real estate needs and wouldn't even think of going to anyone else for my next transaction. She is truly the best in her field
Erin Wilson

Featured Testimonial

Our Realtor Jen LeVea had already demonstrated her extraordinary skills as a prospector in locating our first house back in 2008; and had shown unreal skill as a selling agent – and, to be fair, mental health counselor – in early 2016.  After having guided us through the often roiling waters of real estate selling, this talented Realtor took on the next challenge: purchasing our next home.

For us, Jen LeVea is a friend…an advocate…and a skilled negotiator.  These attributes would be put to considerable test in this process.  Our plan was to downsize from a two-story, four bed, two-plus bath 2200-square foot home on a sizeable lot…and looking towards a smaller, more compact, single-story property.

The “wish list” we gave Jen and the budget we gave her to work with would have made a lot of less-seasoned agents weep in despair:  three bedrooms; two baths; a “decent-sized” yard; and all of it in a great neighborhood with growth potential.  Complicating matters was a VERY specific set of geographic restrictions…we knew where we WOULD live, and where we would NOT.

Over a course of six weeks, Jen skillfully sought and showed over two dozen properties, with a unique approach initially:  we saw homes in places we had ruled out, in an effort to hone in on “the one.”  As it happened, “the one” turned out to be a 1485-square foot bungalow style home in a phenomenal rural neighborhood, with the exact amenities we were seeking…

And, then, we walked in.  The promising exterior gave way to a desperately neglected interior…in need of more than just a little “TLC.”  And for the asking price, there was great hesitancy to proceed – at least from us.  Jen was undeterred.

The message that followed was “patience.”  Patience while Jen artfully negotiated a price that was exactly on point with our budget.  Patience while Jen searched all over Placer and Sacramento Counties to wrangle experienced tradespeople to perform (what could best be called) a miracle on the interior of this little dream home.

We signed the purchase agreement July 6, 2016.  On August 5, 2016, we took possession.  And on September 10, 2016, we became permanent residents of the house we fell in love with in the Spring.  And all because our Realtor…our Advocate…our FRIEND – a word we use very sparingly…held our hands and wiped the sweat from our oft-furrowed brow. 

Not every Realtor is a “hands-on” champion for their Client.  Not every Realtor has the connections, the skills, and the humanity to make the arduous endurable.  Not every Realtor invests all of their intellectual and emotional energies to make another person’s dreams a reality.

Not every Realtor…is Jen LeVea.  We encourage you – in the strongest possible way - to learn this for yourself. 


Roseville, California

Featured Testimonial

To my friend Jen, you are an amazing realtor and more importantly, an amazing person.
I never purchased a home before and I had no Idea how arduous and barrier ridden the process could be.  As I was trying to make a change in my life in finally reuniting my family after 6 years of separation, it was important for me to have a new place to symbolize a new start as well.  We searched many places and was close on a few.  There was some letdowns, but you did not let me give in to despair even though I had so much personal things going like my family immigration issues, or technically being homeless, or some of the other things that went wrong all at the same time. 
I want to thank you for not letting me give up, working with me, being hands-on, determined, dedicated, honest, and most of all caring.  I felt that you actually cared about me and my personal situation and that you wanted to help me to achieve the American dream of being a first time home owner.  This whole process has taught me a lot about myself that's for sure.  
As I write this to you, my family will be here in less than a day and I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I can say though without any hesitation that I am satisfied with the home that you helped me find and that my family will have a beautiful place to call home and build a life.  For that and more my family and I thank you.  All the best to you and I look forward to seeing you again down the road as I consider you a good friend
Thank you!  Cory Jarvis

Featured Testimonial

This is a story about a person of rare integrity and character.  This is about our friend and Realtor, Jen LeVea.

We first met Jen in 2008 while searching for our first home with another Realtor. One home we had particularly fallen in love with was listed as a “short sale.”  Being new in real estate, and without much knowledge, we leaned on our then-agent to educate us.  We were taught everything this agent knew…and submitted an offer.  Three days later, when documents finally arrived, we had more questions.  Unfortunately, there were few (if any) answers.  And for weeks following, nothing.  Phone calls went unreturned; questions went unanswered; and no other houses were seen.

After two weeks of near total silence, we drove back out to the home and looked at the listing agent’s name.  We made a phone call that – in a very real and long-lasting way - changed our lives.  On the other end of the phone was Jen LeVea, who spent 20 minutes explaining how “short sales” work; what a Realtor is expected to do; what a Buyer is expected to do; and how the two should form a partnership of open communication and managed expectations.

By the end of the call, we had a new Realtor…and we never looked back.  In the weeks that followed, we saw dozens of properties and wrote many offers…each explained thoroughly.  We can’t count how many homes we walked through…Jen taught us to expect that.  We can’t count how many offers we wrote - and how many were rejected…Jen taught us to expect that.  We lost a lot of sleep and experienced the emotional “roller coaster”…Jen taught us to expect that.

In due time, the call came:  “I have a house for you!”  In the days following, Jen walked us through the financing process…helped us get the property inspected and appraised…and took us step-for-step from renters to buyers.  August 30, 2008…we went home.

Fast forward to February 2016…now as “empty nesters,” we renewed our professional relationship with Jen.  Now it was Jen’s turn to educate us about the selling process and, once again, there was our friend and trusted ally.  We staged our home; repaired, cleaned and painted every inch of our home; and made it “move-in” ready – and every step of the way, Jen was teaching, calming, guiding, advising and, often as not, working side-by-side through the physical process.  We had a shared goal: top dollar for our home.  In less than four weeks on the market at the highest price-point in the area…our house was SOLD - at OUR ASKING PRICE!

Now, as we write this, we begin the other side of the process…buying our next home.  With Jen once again as our advocate, our Agent, and – most importantly – our friend.

In business, integrity is EVERYTHING.  Jen LeVea is a person of unquestionable, unwavering integrity.  Jen will NEVER tell you what you WANT to hear, but she’ll always tell you what you NEED to know – in detail, in plain English, and with an eye focused on the “big picture.”  In Jen, you have a rock-solid force whose experience, integrity, connections and expertise will make one of the most stressful processes of anyone’s life easier to bear, and ultimately more lucrative. 

Jen is an advocate…a partner…a leader…and in simple terms, she’s the BEST IN THE BUSINESS.  And it’s not close.  When you’re in business with Jen LeVea, you’re in business with an experienced professional who holds your best interests close to her heart…and puts all of her energy into making your dreams and ambitions come to fruition.

We cannot recommend Jen enough.  Spend 15 minutes with her…and you’ll begin to understand.


With great appreciation,


Featured Testimonial

Dear Jen,

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated your wonderful job selling the condo owned by my organization. I would recommend you highly to anyone else in the Sacramento (or any) area who wants to buy or sell a property.

On the first day we met, our organization had put together an interview team for realtors. You were one of three realtors we had asked to present their plan to us. You came with a very comprehensive and well-thought-out marketing strategy, complete with social media and online advertising. The team endorsed you unanimously.

We then proceeded to have lengthy discussions about how to get the best price for the property. We looked at the comps in the area and in the building and it was clear that the non-renovated units were sitting on the market while the updated ones were selling quickly for up to $50,000 more. Based on this data, we decided that we needed to do significant renovation – replacing the tub and tile surround, re-tiling the shower in the second bathroom, replacing both toilets with energy efficient models, re-carpeting the bedrooms, replacing the ceiling lights with LED models, and replacing some appliances. In addition, the property needed a good cleaning for showing and it needed staging. Because I live 500 miles away, it was difficult for me to get bids from contractors. I was there for one meeting, but you got bids from two other contractors. You found a very reasonable but very conscientious contractor and we signed the contract with him.

You then supervised the work in the property, checking daily on the progress and following up if the work was lagging or not being done well. In one instance, the tiles were not installed properly, you pointed it out to the contractor and he tore them out and did them again. It was your relationship with him that made that happen. The work took a little longer because there were plumbing problems that had to be rectified by the management. You took care of that also. I didn’t have to do anything. This was a great relief to me. And then at one point, the neighbors next door brought a pit bull into their property and it lunged at the workers from their balcony. You had to write multiple letters to the management demanding that the dog be removed. And, most amazing of all, you scrubbed the grout between the floor tiles yourself – this was way beyond the call of duty but you felt that no one had done it to the standard that you needed to sell the house. In addition, after the work was done, you personally helped to get rid of extra furniture and linens (at my request) before the house was staged.

When the house was updated and ready for staging, you set up the appointment with the stager and supervised the work so that the house looked stunning. It was like a completely different property.

When the house did go on the market, it sold in one day. The buyer sent in a low counter-offer and we decided to hold firm, and we got the price we had decided on based on your data.

Most of all, Jen, I enjoyed working with you. You are always upbeat. You buckle down and work without complaining. From the very beginning of our relationship, you were more of a friend than a realtor, even though you are a very good businesswoman. I have years of experience with real estate – I have bought and sold more than ten houses over the past 46 years and I manage four properties – but you are the hardest-working and most congenial realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I recommend you enthusiastically and I would be happy to talk with anyone who is considering choosing you as their realtor.


Lynette Nyaggah

Featured Testimonial

Dear Jen:

The professionalism and devotion you demonstrated in the selling of my property was exceptional. I wanted to share my experience and doubt any other realtor replicate.

When my now passed mother was initially planning to move in August of 2012'. I began to research a possible realtor online. Based on reviews and area of focus, I sent you an email inquiry. After some emailing and good follow-up, it was determined that my mother would decide to delay the move. Fast forward 2 years and my mother's unfortunate passing. I decided to reconnect with you. You were sensitive to the situation and allowed us to gradually begin the process and did what you could on the back-end to research and assess the property. Again very responsive, I was surprised and yet skeptical because of not having worked with a realtor who expressed such enthusiasm and involvement. My impression of realtors is that they were fairly hands off. As the process progressed I realized that this was not the case with you. I realized I had selected an ideal realtor to facilitate the selling of the property. Some of the characteristics that stood out with you were as follows:

Extremely Knowledgeable: Not only were you knowledgeable of the property location, you were well versed in understanding negotiations and the specific terms of conditions of selling a home. So much so, that you were even going as far as to educating the buyers realtor who appeared to have nowhere near your experience or skill level. You were very articulate and had so much knowledge that I couldn't help but feel confident in working with you. You answered all questions and addressed all my initial concerns before, during, and after the process without cause for doubt. Your answers were clear and concise and your timing to take action on issues were immediate and impeccable, thank you!

Honesty: You were very honest, alleviating any concerns or addressing them expeditiously and the way you addressed questions and/or concerns projected confidence not just in the answers but in tone. Again, reaffirming that the right decision was made in choosing you as the realtor.

Integrity: Throughout the process, my interests were always of focus. I did not have any doubts as to your decisions and that was proven time and time again throughout the process.

Hands-On: This is where you definitely set yourself apart. When I was advised that you were actually involved in the preparation of the actual property, I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think any realtor would have personally gotten their hands dirty to assist in ensuring the selling of a property. The landscaping to the backyard and cleanup you provided was significant improvement. Massive kudos for the unexpected, but very welcome work ethic.

Pride of Workmanship: You demonstrated the pride and enthusiasm you have in your work. It showed all of the above mentioned, especially being hands-on. Simply amazing!

Needless to say, upon close of escrow and even before. I was already asking, that when it came time, if you would be able to assist us in the selling of our home. Unfortunately and rightly so, realtors are best utilized in the local area of which they reside but even then you were willing to research and find a reputable realtor in our area when needed. Thank you again for making the process stress free and educational. Your over a decade of experience, definitely showed and was clearly demonstrated! I highly recommend your expertise and knowledge to anyone in the market to sell their home.

R. Rosello.